PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 General Ledger v7.4 (1z0-228)

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Which is used to create a working calendar that identifies holidays and nonworking days?

  • A. Detail Calendar
  • B. Budget Calendar
  • C. Calendar Builder
  • D. Summary Calendar
  • E. Business Calendar

Answer : E

Which report or reporting tool is useful in reconciling converted data from legacy systems?\

  • A. Trial Balance Report
  • B. PS/nVision Reports
  • C. PS/Querry
  • D. General Ledger Activity Report
  • E. All of the above

Answer : E

Identify three options defined within a Journal SourcE.

  • A. Journal Post
  • B. Inter/IntraUnit
  • C. Journal Approval
  • D. Currency Balancing
  • E. Commitment Control
  • F. Journal Edit Errors

Answer : C,D,F

PS/nVision offers two types of layouts. What are the two types of layouts?

  • A. Grid
  • B. Matrix
  • C. Tabular
  • D. Sample
  • E. Columnar

Answer : B,C

Which functionality does NOT use PeopleSoft Trees?

  • A. PS/nVision
  • B. Allocations
  • C. Consolidations
  • D. Open Item Reconciliation
  • E. Summary Ledgers

Answer : D

Explanation: enterprise%2Fdelivering-value-wp-
068318.pdf&rct=j&q=PeopleSoft%20Trees%20functionality%20Consolidations&ei=SDBFT seXF8zVsgbvq-WiCQ&usg=AFQjCNEnpqZbHXpEsSbhcyLB8uMk-TP9eg

Your retail client is performing a PeopleSoft implementation. They have these requirements:
1. ChartField POS to capture Point of Sale information
2. ChartField to accommodate up to 15 alphanumeric characters
3. Minimum setup and configuration
Select a series of steps that will best accomplish the requirements.

  • A. Add a new ChartField and relabel the ChartField namE.
  • B. Add a new ChartField and change the display lengtH.
  • C. Activate an expansion ChartField, relabel the ChartField name, and change the ChartField display length.
  • D. Activate an expansion ChartField, relabel the ChartField name, and resize the field lengtH.

Answer : C

Identify four examples of Date and Time Period variables when creating a PS/nVision

  • A. APN - Period Name
  • B. STA - Period Status
  • C. AST - As of Tree Date
  • D. PED - Period End Date
  • E. PDC - Period Description
  • F. ASD - As of Reporting Date

Answer : A,C,D,E

Which two statements describe SpeedTypes?

  • A. Use of SpeedTypes can reduce keying errors.
  • B. SpeedTypes use trees for efficiency.
  • C. Use of SpeedTypes can greatly improve efficiency by saving keystrokes
  • D. SpeedTypes are shared with PeopleSoft Payables.
  • E. SpeedTypes are used as a trigger for certain processes.

Answer : A,C

View the Exhibit -
Identify the ledger balance retrieved by the TimeSpan illustrated in the Exhibit.

  • A. Current balance
  • B. Period 1 balance
  • C. Beginning balance
  • D. Prior Period balance
  • E. Year-To-Date balance

Answer : A

John entered a reversing journal entry and posted it in June, an open montH. The Journal will reverse in July, which is a closed perioD.
The journal was erroneously posted and John now wants to unpost the journal. The option to automatically unpost reversals when the anchor is unposted is selecteD.
Identify the action that John should perform.

  • A. Delete the July journal manually.
  • B. Unpost the July journal.
  • C. Unpost the June journal.
  • D. Make the July journal available for edit.
  • E. Create a new journal to reverse the July journal.

Answer : E

What must be provided on the Net Income/Retained Earnings page of the Closing Rule along with the Retained Earnings account?

  • A. Ledger to close
  • B. Business Unit to close
  • C. Account Tree for the Retained Earnings account
  • D. Journal Source
  • E. ChartField Value Set for P&L accounts

Answer : D

You have been assigned to create a department rollup tree for your organization. The following department information is available:
Which two effective-dated trees will include all departments?

  • A. tree dated 01/01/2011
  • B. tree dated 12/31/2010
  • C. tree dated 01/01/1900
  • D. tree dated 01/31/2011

Answer : B,C

Identify the best way to separate Journals for processing, reporting, and origin

  • A. Journal ID
  • B. SpeedType
  • C. SpeedChart
  • D. Journal Source
  • E. Journal Template
  • F. Journal Reference Number

Answer : C

View the Exhibit.
Which three balancing InterUnit lines will be created by the Journal Edit process?

  • A. USOO1 - 1 line
  • B. USOO1 - 2 lines
  • C. USOO1 - 3 lines
  • D. US003 - 1 line
  • E. US003 - 2 lines
  • F. US003 - 3 lines
  • G. US004 - 1 line
  • H. US004 - 2 lines
  • I. US004 - 3 lines

Answer : C,E,H

Explanation: peoplesoft-enterprise-9.html&ei=-

You have a large journal (not yet posted) with many lines that use account 601231. This account value was entered erroneously and must be changed to 601232.
What is the most efficient way to make this correction?

  • A. Use SQL to fix this journal.
  • B. Use the Change Values hyperlink.
  • C. Use the Errors tab to make corrections.
  • D. Use the Search Criteria hyperlink to locate each line by using this account.

Answer : A

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