Siebel 8 Consultant Exam v5.0 (1z0-202)

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Which authentication method allows for self-registration by Web users?

  • A. Web Single Sign On
  • B. database authentication
  • C. Windows authentication
  • D. Directory Server authentication

Answer : D

You are creating a new child business component to support displaying promotional items that have been sent to Contacts. What type of table do you base the new business component on?

  • A. The base table of the parent business component.
  • B. Standard interface tables supplied by Siebel.
  • C. Standard 1:M extension tables supplied by Siebel.
  • D. New tables that you create with the Business Component wizard.

Answer : C

You wish to prototype some of your ideas on the Activities project. You currently have the project checked out. You wish to check in the changes you're made so far and release the lock on the server, but then you want to continue development locally. What do you do?

  • A. Undo the check out and continue working locally.
  • B. Perform a Get on the project, lock it, and continue working locally.
  • C. Save your current changes as a .sif file and continue working locally.
  • D. Cancel the check out, lock the project locally, and continue working locally.
  • E. Check in the project while maintaining the lock, undo the check out, and continue working locally.

Answer : E

You wish to configure a task flow that allows a user to create an account and add one or more contacts. Which three steps must appear in the task flow? (Choose three.)

  • A. A task view step that is bound to a summary view.
  • B. A Siebel operation step to create a new account record.
  • C. A task view step that displays a view containing, at minimum, a task applet.
  • D. A Siebel operation step to create a transient business component.
  • E. A decision step that controls flow to a Siebel operation step to create a new contact.
  • F. A commit step to save each contact record entered before the user enters a new one.

Answer : B,C,E

You created a new view in Siebel Tools, but none of the users can see it in the application.
Which three could cause this? (Choose three.)

  • A. You forgot to add the view to a screen.
  • B. You gave the wrong view name to the administrator.
  • C. The administrator forgot to activate the responsibility.
  • D. The administrator assigned the view to a responsibility none of the users possess.
  • E. You left the Category Name blank when you created the Screen View object definition.
  • F. The Default Local Access flag was set to TRUE by the administrator when adding the view.

Answer : A,B,D

Which three are true of the Web Layout Editor? (Choose three.)

  • A. It is used to lay out form applets.
  • B. It can be used to add and remove applet Web template items.
  • C. It is invoked automatically upon completion of the List Applet wizard.
  • D. Items not on the template can be imported using the Web layout editor.

Answer : A,B,C

How do you specify the type of owners that records in a business component may have?

  • A. Add the business component to the appropriate Access Group.
  • B. Add the business component to the appropriate responsibilities.
  • C. Set the Owner property in the business component's Properties window.
  • D. Add the necessary owner types to the Business Component View Modes list for the business component.

Answer : D

What is displayed in the Thread Bar if the Thread Title property is null in the thread properties?

  • A. A hyperlink is not added to the thread bar.
  • B. A question mark is displayed in the thread bar.
  • C. The Title property is used to populate the thread bar.
  • D. The name of the business component is used to populate the thread bar.

Answer : C

Which statement is true of Master data?

  • A. includes dynamic, transactional data
  • B. cannot be grouped into catalogs and categories
  • C. is created and managed by end-users of the application
  • D. access is controlled at the level of catalog and category

Answer : D

You decided to use the S_CONTACT_XM table to store additional contact data. Which five new object definitions will you need to create to display this data as child data in a Detail
View format? (Choose five.)

  • A. link
  • B. view
  • C. MVG
  • D. applet
  • E. MVG applet
  • F. business object
  • G. business component
  • H. business object component

Answer : A,B,D,G,H

Which describes the role of Assignment Candidates for Assignment Manager?

  • A. to identify the possible candidates that can be assigned to records
  • B. to describe when a record should be assigned to candidates
  • C. to identify the types of data to assign using Assignment Manager
  • D. to evaluate all people for a matching skill in order to assign records

Answer : A

When is it acceptable to run SQL against Siebel database tables?

  • A. never
  • B. to insert data into Siebel EIM (interface) tables such as EIM_ACCOUNT
  • C. to drop tables from the database
  • D. to insert data into Siebel customer (data) tables such as S_ORG_EXT

Answer : B

Which three are true about Siebel Servers? (Choose three.)

A. are J2EE application servers -
B. may run the Call Center object manager
C. may run the Siebel Web Server Extension
D. may run the Enterprise Integration manager
E. can only be installed on one machine in the enterprise
F. may be installed on several machines in the enterprise

Answer : B,D,F Topic 1, B B

Which two statements about static picklists based on the PickList Generic business component are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. Values are displayed from the S_LST_OF_VAL table.
  • B. They can be bounded or unbounded.
  • C. They usually display values in a pick applet for selection.
  • D. Values displayed in the picklists change during run time based on changes end-users make to data.

Answer : A,B

What is the purpose of the SSA Primary field in a MVG applet?

  • A. It allows users to select more than one primary.
  • B. It indicates which child record cannot be deleted.
  • C. It permits users to see and change the primary child record.
  • D. It allows users to change which field is referenced in the child business component.

Answer : C

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