Oracle Planning 2020 Implementation Essentials v1.0 (1z0-1080-20)

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Which three do you need to enable in order to perform indirect cash flow statement planning? (Choose three.)

  • A. Expense
  • B. Cash Flow Statement
  • C. Income Statement
  • D. Balance Sheet
  • E. Revenue

Answer : ABE


Revenue planned in Projects is rolled up into Financials for contract projects. How must you set up the modules to share the data? Choose the best answer.

  • A. To capture Project revenue, enable Standard Rates from Projects.
  • B. When enabling Financials, create a custom Project dimension to map the data to.
  • C. In Projects, select an entity and map revenue accounts to Financials accounts for that entity.
  • D. Set up the Contract Revenue Reporting data map to map contract-related revenue to Financials.

Answer : B


What is the correct sequence of steps for enabling each Planning module? Choose the best answer.

  • A. Enable the module, refresh the database
  • B. Run pre-configuration tasks, enable the module, configure the module
  • C. Configure the module, refresh the database
  • D. Enable the module, configure the module, run post configuration tasks

Answer : B


Whenever you change dimensionality in a target cube, what action on the Data Maps page must you take to ensure that you see metadata changes immediately?
(Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Select the corresponding data map, and Refresh the Database.
  • B. Select the corresponding data map, and execute the Synchronize Defaults Business.
  • C. Select the corresponding data map, and Synchronize to refresh the data,
  • D. Select the corresponding data map, and execute the Synchronize Components Business Rule.

Answer : A

Several users continuously use custom-created formulas in Excel to supplement their Planning form inputs.
What is another design alternative to reduce offline Excel maintenance? Choose the best answer.

  • A. Cell commentary
  • B. Reports
  • C. Ad hoc forms
  • D. Smart forms
  • E. Smart push

Answer : D


To assign Workforce resources to initiatives, which default custom dimension is required in the Map/Rename Dimensions section? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Project
  • B. Program
  • C. Elective
  • D. Measure

Answer : B


A company would like to configure Financials, Workforce, and Projects. They would like to plan and forecast the Project dimension in Financials, as well as track employee utilization in Projects.
Which two actions must they take to ensure that the Project dimension is shared and the data integrated correctly across all three modules? (Choose two.)

  • A. In Workforce, ensure that the granularity is at Employee or Employee and Job
  • B. In Financials, rename one of the custom dimensions to "Project" and enable it
  • C. In Projects, ensure that the Employee driver-based expense is enabled
  • D. In Workforce, rename one of the custom dimensions to "Project" and enable it

Answer : AD

In Financials, you want to see asset related expenses such as depreciation, amortization, and insurance.
Which describes the steps you can take to set this up? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Set up the Equipment Expense Reporting Capex data map to map asset related expenses to Financials.
  • B. On the Configure page for Capital, select the option to map Capital accounts to financial accounts. Then for each Capital account, select a financial account to map to.
  • C. On the Configure page for Financials, when enabling features, include a custom dimension to store asset related information.
  • D. On the Configure page for Financials, select Asset Accounts to set up the accounts from Capital that map to Financials.

Answer : B


In what three ways can Service Administrators implement EPM Automate in Planning? (Choose three.)

  • A. To copy data from an aggregate storage database to a block storage database
  • B. To copy data from a block storage database to an aggregate storage database
  • C. To execute scripts that complete tasks using a scheduler
  • D. To import and export metadata, data, artifacts and snapshots
  • E. To promote financial plans to the next level in the approval hierarchy

Answer : BCD

Copy data from one database to another; typically, from a block storage database to an aggregate storage database. You can create scripts that are capable of completing a wide array of tasks and automate their execution using a scheduler. Import and export metadata, data, artifact and application snapshots, templates, and Data Management mappings.

Which time period allows you to collect the most recent number of time periods and measure business performance over a specific time duration? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Deal Period
  • B. Sub Period
  • C. Trailing period
  • D. Base Period
  • E. Periods-to-Date

Answer : C

Trailing periods are time periods that collect the most recent number of time periods. You can set up trailing periods to occur in either a historical or a forecast period. With trailing time periods, you can measure business performance over a specific time duration.

What three actions can you perform on the data displayed in the Data Integration Workbench? (Choose three.)

  • A. Re-register or modify the data source system
  • B. Open loaded data in Microsoft Excel
  • C. Apply a filter using Equal and a specific value
  • D. Apply a filter using Contains and a specific value
  • E. Drill-through to source from specified data cells

Answer : CDE


What does a navigation flow allow you to do? Choose the best answer.

  • A. Promote a plan to your supervisor
  • B. Display report variances by geography
  • C. Run multiple business rules in a predetermined sequence
  • D. Customize the clusters and cards that a user can access

Answer : D

The Navigation Flow Designer enables you to customize the business process interface. For example, you can change the names of the cards and clusters that display.

Which two clients or command line tools can you download from Planning? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data Management
  • B. EPM Automate
  • C. Strategic Modeling Smart View add-on
  • D. Calculation Manager

Answer : BC


A company has enabled and configured Financials. Which are three recommended post configuration tasks? (Choose three.)

  • A. Entering exchange rates
  • B. Defining and managing the accounts and drivers
  • C. Specifying days in period for driver-based Balance Sheet
  • D. Running Financials rules to aggregate and calculate the data
  • E. Setting Up Planning and Forecast Preparation
  • F. Modifying account signage for alternate reporting methods

Answer : ACE


When calculating a tiered type of tax, what should be the selected "˜Maximum Value Type"™? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Threshold Amount
  • B. Percentage of Overall Earnings
  • C. Percentage of Salary
  • D. Percentage of Taxable Earnings
  • E. Flat Amount

Answer : A

Setting the Maximum Value Type to Threshold Amount is available only for Taxes.

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