Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2020 Specialist v1.0 (1z0-1042-20)

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Which three statements are true about SOAP and the advantages it provides? (Choose three.)

  • A. It is platform and programming language independent.
  • B. It provides flexibility for message format flexibility allowing for loose coupling between client and sever.
  • C. It leverages XML-based payloads to communicate between two client machines across any modern network.
  • D. It commonly serves as a cleaning agent to remove excess data from the transmission protocol.
  • E. SOAP clients can easily hold stateful references to remote server-side SOAP objects.
  • F. As compared to RPC (remote procedure calls), which are sometimes blocked by firewall and proxy servers, SOAP over HTTP can overcome that limitation.

Answer : ACF

Which built-in API platform policy lets you manipulate the request context? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Key Validation Policy
  • B. Application Rate Limiting Policy
  • C. Groovy Script Policy
  • D. Redaction Policy

Answer : C

You are tasked with monitoring the SOA composite applications and the underlying environment within a SOA Cloud Service instance.
Which SOA Cloud Service web application is best for viewing completed composite instances? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Managed File Transfer Console
  • B. B2B Console
  • C. WebLogic Server Console
  • D. Fusion Middleware Control
  • E. Oracle Service Bus Console
  • F. Load Balancer Console

Answer : D

You are tasked with creating a new integration in OIC that will be exposed to clients as a SOAP web service. In addition, this integration will be invoking an external SOAP web service as part of the orchestration flow logic.
In your creation of these SOAP adapter connection components, which is a valid consideration? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. The WSDL URL property value can be defined by uploading a file for either the inbound Trigger connection or the outbound Invoke connection configurations.
  • B. You must explicitly specify the target server TLS version for the external web service outbound Invoke connection configuration.
  • C. Suppress insertion of timestamp into the request and Ignore timestamp in the response message are optional fields only for the outbound Invoke connection configuration.
  • D. The SAML and OAuth security policies are available options for creating either the inbound Trigger connection or the outbound Invoke connection configurations.

Answer : C

What options are available for Escalation and Expiration of human tasks in the Processes feature of OIC? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Escalate, Restart, Next, or Previous
  • B. Renew, start, end, or error
  • C. Never Escalate, Skip, hierarchy, or New
  • D. Never expire, Expire, Renew, or Escalate

Answer : D

What Mapper function can you use to get the lookup value in Mapping Builder? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. SearchLookupValue
  • B. FindLookupValue
  • C. LookupValue
  • D. GetLookupValue

Answer : C

Which three are scenarios where Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a valid approach? (Choose three.)

  • A. In integration scenarios where it is important to use either compression and/or encryption in the transfer process.
  • B. Oracle MFT can be used in conjunction with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) to push files for processing by OIC.
  • C. File adapters remove the need to ever have to use MFT.
  • D. File Transfer is an old, outdated method of sharing information and should not be used.
  • E. Many SaaS applications still use files as a means for sharing data, so MFT capabilities are still very important.

Answer : ABE

You are defining application data in an OIC process application and are seeking to use the Business Types page because it provides the tools required to create and manage various business types.

Which task CANNOT -
be performed in the Business Types View? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. Create business exceptions
  • B. Import a business object from JSON
  • C. Import a business object from XML
  • D. Import schema files
  • E. Create enum objects
  • F. Create business objects

Answer : D

Given that a gateway node should have a dedicated user credential for connecting to the API Platform Management Service, what grants should be assigned to that user? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. View all Details
  • B. Node Service Account
  • C. Deploy API
  • D. Deploy to Gateway

Answer : B

Which two statements are true regarding mapper activity? (Choose two.)

  • A. You cannot drag and drop a source on to a target that is already mapped.
  • B. You can drag and drop a source on to multiple targets.
  • C. You can drag and drop switcher activity in the target.
  • D. You can drag and drop function activity in the target.

Answer : AB

You are designing a new integration in OIC that needs to expose a REST-ful interface trigger for client applications.
When choosing request and response options using the REST Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard, which is a valid consideration? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. If you select a PUT or POST action (HTTP method), you must define a JSON response payload format.
  • B. Both standard and custom HTTP headers can be defined for either the request or response.
  • C. Although you can define both query and template parameters, only template parameters will be available for mapping in the mapper because query parameters are considered optional.
  • D. File attachments can be accepted as a request option for the Trigger interface, but you cannot include attachments as a response to the client.

Answer : B

You are designing an OIC integration that will be processing files in a shared file system located within your on-premises data center. You have decided to leverage various Stage File action operations within the integration flow in conjunction with an on-premises OIC connectivity agent.
When using the Configure Stage File Action Wizard, which is a valid consideration regarding file operation capabilities? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. The Write File operation is not available for on-premises file systems.
  • B. With regard to both the Read Entire File and Read File in Segments operations, files uploaded through the connectivity agent can only be read with a file reference.
  • C. The List Files operation is still available for files uploaded through the connectivity agent.
  • D. Files uploaded through the connectivity agent cannot be unzipped with the Unzip File operation using the file reference.

Answer : B

Which ג€Decision Tableג€ is used to configure decision logic in process application? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A. a decision matrix that organizes if/then rules into a spreadsheet-like format, where rows represent conditions and actions, and columns match condition values to action alternatives
  • B. a range value set in a spreadsheet-like format that defines a list of allowed value ranges for the input and output data objects of a decision.
  • C. a value set in a spreadsheet-like format that defines a list of allowed values for the input and output data objects of a decision.
  • D. an if/then rule that has one or more conditions (if statements) that together are true or false, and one or more actions (then statements) that are applied if the conditions are true.

Answer : D

Which three are types of certificates that can be imported from Settings? (Choose three.)

  • A. Multi Domain SSL Certificate
  • B. Identity Certificate
  • C. Unified Communications Certificate
  • D. Message Protection Certificate
  • E. Trust Certificate

Answer : BDE

What are the three main features of Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)? (Choose three.)

  • A. Internet of Things (IoT) application development
  • B. API management
  • C. Blockchain application development
  • D. Digital assistant application development
  • E. Application integration
  • F. Business process automation
  • G. Web and mobile application development

Answer : EFG

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